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Going to Phoenix...
Sadly it's not for vacation though! I totally had to drop about $600 for plane tickets just a few minutes ago.. Jeremy's dad's health isn't looking too good.. So we are taking next weekend to visit him and his brother. I'm just so scared for Jeremy.. Nothing is worse than loosing someone you love, let alone your own dad.  I met him for the first time two years ago when we went out to visit before. He was such a nice guy... Certainly the closest thing I have to a father now. But god dammit, why is it always the good people?? God forbid anything happen to that retard man I have to call a father.

I feel awful, but I was worried about the money and having to take some out of our savings account. But you know, this is what a savings account is for. Rainy days like these -- You can always make more money! But spending time with someone who might not be here for much longer, that's something you can't just work a job for..

::Sigh:: Always something going on huh?  Thank goodness I'll only be missing one day of work and school during this visit -- Yay for good Friday and the college's religious standpoint. xD I'll be... worshiping God during this time. Yes. ::cough cough::
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That's very sad news. My deepest condolences.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.. ::Hugg::


But yes, you're right - the money isn't important at all in the long run, compared to being there for a loved one.

Have a safe trip, okay?

Thank you Sid.. ::Hugg:: I will.. Not an exciting trip -- But Jeremy's dad said he'd take us to Sonic. xD Yay!

I'm very sorry to hear this... my best wishes to you all.

Thank you very much.. That really means a lot! <3

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