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Summer days...
Erm. I won't go back to explain why I have neglected my poor LJ. I love it but simply cannot find the time to sit down and make updates!

So.. in these few months that school has been out you'd think I had much more free time.. Erm, no. So what has happened?
  • Took an 8 week Japanese class out in Hartford! Definitely not clicking just yet, but I have a very strong base for it at least.
  • Trying my best to get back into running... It was very hard trying to juggle that on top of my Japanese classes (I would get home around 9:30 at night with exhaustion!) But perhaps now I can focus on it!
  • My mom was hit by a car... Yes, actually hit by a car in the freakin cross walk! She broke her collar bone and has been healing slowly but surely... I definitely have been focusing on being there for her during this time. It's so scary to think what could've happened...
  • Went to Otakon for JRR! I also attended my first panel and press events. It was very exciting and I can't wait to work at more conventions.
  • Absolutely despise Baltimore, however. Very scary city! Our car was broken into the first night -- Driver's side window completely shattered. Luckily we had everything of value on us. Obviously they were pissed nothing was in there so they only took the GPS charger and a dead ipod charger. xD Still really shaken up about that though, especially when I continue to find random bits of glass in the car.
  • Got a Blackberry pearl! So email is with me 24/7, thank god! JRR should be happy! :D
  • Lastly, still freakin depressed about Michael Jackson's death. Still so unbelievable. My account  proves the love though. <3 R.I.P. MJ.

Hmmm.. I think that completes it? I actually have an entire month to relax (well, other than working) before school starts again!! And of course GLAY had to mention their big return to LA... So I need to try to find some money to fly out there.. And I'm hoping that this time Jeremy can come too!! >_<

Ohh, and I discovered MELL at Otakon. Absolutely astounding musician and person. Loveliest person I've met in a long time! Everyone should definitely give her a listen!

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(Deleted comment)
Ohh dude you were considering going??! This is what I get for being so out of touch! I am so sorry!!

I had no idea you loved MELL! <3 awesome! I really wish I discovered her sooner!

Dude, I miss you too! ;-;

Ack! Sorry to hear about your mom - stupid cars! Glad that she's healing OK though.

And yay for taking Nihongo! Except now, I'm probably even 10x rustier than last year, so I guess we wouldn't have much of a conversation if we tried. Oh well. ^^

Thank you, Sid! I know, cars are retarded! Although it was a huge pickup truck that had hit her.. Everyone keeps telling her to sue! Lol

Ah! We should try to speak anyway.. Even if we don't get very far!

Monika! I've wondered where you were./

Coming down here in September?

I am a busy busy bee!

Yuppers! I am really hoping to.. My poor credit cards, I really shouldn't be doing anything that I can't afford! >_o

Yowch! I hope she gets better quickly.

Baltimore totally sucks, yes! I'm sorry to hear that happened D: evil Baltimore is evil.

Yay blackberry!

Aw *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs*

Muahahahhaahaha. Come, come to LA~

Thank you dear! ::Hugg:: My poor mom, ugh!

Baltimore is puuure evil. I hate it! I don't think I ever want to go back! ;-;

::Huggies:: I want to come to LA! Will I see youuu? That might seal the decision right there.... ;D

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