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LA! Here we go again...
Soo.. Monika did something today she shouldn't have. We really don't have the extra money.. And the once paid off credit cards have been charged up again.  But she did it anyway...

Monika bought  plane tickets to LA so she can see GLAY.

I should be happy... And I am so excited! But at the same time I am upset, because one, Jeremy isn't coming again. And two, moneys. But as I have said time and time again, you can make plenty of money in time. Things like this rarely come along! It didn't help that the tickets were wicked cheap -- With taxes and everything they come out to $230!

I leave Thursday (September 10) after work and return very late that following Sunday. I really wish I could stay longer... But school begins September 15, so at least my last weekend of non-chaos will be spent with my best friends in LA!!

To those of you who know me best: Please restrain me from spending too much money! (ie, Hello Kitty items, Book Off, fatty food, etc.)
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I won't be able to go this time. D= But have lots of fun! ^_^

Aw, I am so sorry to hear that! ;-; I wish you could be there! Sana probably won't be coming either.. ::huff::

(OMG Utena! <3)

Well, now that I don't have to feel guilty about influencing your decision...


Oh, and I already asked for Friday off, so definitely include me on whatever schemes you all set up. ;)

::Pinch:: Soo mean!!! xD Influencing me like that!

Yaaay! Awesome, I am so excited!! We'll have to talk to Ariana about the plans. Like nummy vegan restaurant and I would love to visit Santa Monica again! Ah!

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