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Update post...
I should really just give up on updating! I try so hard to update but I admit that I sadly have to blame Facebook and Twitter. Poor LJ just can't win anymore.

Just for a quick update (among many other things that I will post about later...) I am flying out to Phoenix tomorrow (this?) morning. Jeremy's father passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday night. We received the news on Wednesday. Jeremy flew out on Thursday morning, so it will be nice seeing him again even after two days apart. I know that Jeremy and I aren't married yet, so I never had the privledge of calling him a father-in-law. But he definitely was a father figure in my eyes. I just know that I have to be there strong for Jeremy and his brother too...

RIP Dad. ♥

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I was very sorry to read about this on your Twitter and I am very sorry for your loss. You are both in my thoughts during this terrible time. I'm sure Jeremy appreciates all the love and support you have been giving him ♥

Wow, I totally lost this lovely comment in my inbox. I am so sorry!

But your concern really means a lot. <3 Thank you so much. ::Huggs::

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