Do it to it.

Some updates to my LJ: Made a lot of posts friends only and also a new live journal layout! Definitely using one that is already coded as I have no time to be creative anymore. Speaking of which - I miss my fanlistings so much but I feel that soon many will be either closed or adopted out. We shall see.

I successfully completed an entire week at Johnson and Wales! And I absolutely love it. My professors are so organized, very strict with the course outline and very serious about the curriculum. Class sizes are a bit larger than Mitchell but I actually enjoy it - Because that means more input from the students and more opportunities for class discussions!

The only thing that is incredibly daunting and exhausting (and one that is finding my weakness in anxiety) is the traffic. I'm driving from my job (in Niantic, CT) to Providence, RI. Roughly an hour and 5 minute drive. As soon as you hit the highway around Providence, congestion. As soon as I get off the exit and into downtown, traffic. More traffic awaits trying to find a parking spot. And what's better is that all of the professors expect you to be on time!  I can only leave so early (especially when  I have to pick up/drop off Jeremy from work.) So I will definitely be emailing them to make them aware of my situation.

So on top of working full time, I have a full time class schedule:
Monday: Organizational Behavior
Tuesday: Accounting
Thursday: Business Law
Saturday: Japanese *

* Not through J&W - Through Rosetta Stone! I am treating that as its own course and doing 1-2 lessons. I hope to do it twice a week but will need to find time to do it. As I am also keeping to a strict running schedule and helping out at the cat shelter.

More excitement: Jeremy's brother left last Saturday!  We finally have our apartment back!! My relaxation and the sanctuary feeling has returned when I'm in our apartment. Oh it's just wonderful. Happy happy!

Update post...

I should really just give up on updating! I try so hard to update but I admit that I sadly have to blame Facebook and Twitter. Poor LJ just can't win anymore.

Just for a quick update (among many other things that I will post about later...) I am flying out to Phoenix tomorrow (this?) morning. Jeremy's father passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday night. We received the news on Wednesday. Jeremy flew out on Thursday morning, so it will be nice seeing him again even after two days apart. I know that Jeremy and I aren't married yet, so I never had the privledge of calling him a father-in-law. But he definitely was a father figure in my eyes. I just know that I have to be there strong for Jeremy and his brother too...

RIP Dad. ♥
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LA! Here we go again...

Soo.. Monika did something today she shouldn't have. We really don't have the extra money.. And the once paid off credit cards have been charged up again.  But she did it anyway...

Monika bought  plane tickets to LA so she can see GLAY.

I should be happy... And I am so excited! But at the same time I am upset, because one, Jeremy isn't coming again. And two, moneys. But as I have said time and time again, you can make plenty of money in time. Things like this rarely come along! It didn't help that the tickets were wicked cheap -- With taxes and everything they come out to $230!

I leave Thursday (September 10) after work and return very late that following Sunday. I really wish I could stay longer... But school begins September 15, so at least my last weekend of non-chaos will be spent with my best friends in LA!!

To those of you who know me best: Please restrain me from spending too much money! (ie, Hello Kitty items, Book Off, fatty food, etc.)

Summer days...

Erm. I won't go back to explain why I have neglected my poor LJ. I love it but simply cannot find the time to sit down and make updates!

So.. in these few months that school has been out you'd think I had much more free time.. Erm, no. So what has happened?
  • Took an 8 week Japanese class out in Hartford! Definitely not clicking just yet, but I have a very strong base for it at least.
  • Trying my best to get back into running... It was very hard trying to juggle that on top of my Japanese classes (I would get home around 9:30 at night with exhaustion!) But perhaps now I can focus on it!
  • My mom was hit by a car... Yes, actually hit by a car in the freakin cross walk! She broke her collar bone and has been healing slowly but surely... I definitely have been focusing on being there for her during this time. It's so scary to think what could've happened...
  • Went to Otakon for JRR! I also attended my first panel and press events. It was very exciting and I can't wait to work at more conventions.
  • Absolutely despise Baltimore, however. Very scary city! Our car was broken into the first night -- Driver's side window completely shattered. Luckily we had everything of value on us. Obviously they were pissed nothing was in there so they only took the GPS charger and a dead ipod charger. xD Still really shaken up about that though, especially when I continue to find random bits of glass in the car.
  • Got a Blackberry pearl! So email is with me 24/7, thank god! JRR should be happy! :D
  • Lastly, still freakin depressed about Michael Jackson's death. Still so unbelievable. My last.fm account  proves the love though. <3 R.I.P. MJ.

Hmmm.. I think that completes it? I actually have an entire month to relax (well, other than working) before school starts again!! And of course GLAY had to mention their big return to LA... So I need to try to find some money to fly out there.. And I'm hoping that this time Jeremy can come too!! >_<

Ohh, and I discovered MELL at Otakon. Absolutely astounding musician and person. Loveliest person I've met in a long time! Everyone should definitely give her a listen!

Going to Phoenix...

Sadly it's not for vacation though! I totally had to drop about $600 for plane tickets just a few minutes ago.. Jeremy's dad's health isn't looking too good.. So we are taking next weekend to visit him and his brother. I'm just so scared for Jeremy.. Nothing is worse than loosing someone you love, let alone your own dad.  I met him for the first time two years ago when we went out to visit before. He was such a nice guy... Certainly the closest thing I have to a father now. But god dammit, why is it always the good people?? God forbid anything happen to that retard man I have to call a father.

I feel awful, but I was worried about the money and having to take some out of our savings account. But you know, this is what a savings account is for. Rainy days like these -- You can always make more money! But spending time with someone who might not be here for much longer, that's something you can't just work a job for..

::Sigh:: Always something going on huh?  Thank goodness I'll only be missing one day of work and school during this visit -- Yay for good Friday and the college's religious standpoint. xD I'll be... worshiping God during this time. Yes. ::cough cough::
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So today marks my official one week back at school! Yaaay! And it feels so great to be back! But sadly that means that I will have virtually no social life (not that I ever had one...)

It just hurts having to focus so much during the day.. Like at work I am so used to getting up whenever I want, eat whenever I want, potty, etc... but at school, I gotta absorb and leaaaarn.

That said.. I am having such a hard time with class participation. And all of my professors are like really into responses and keep threatening the class with participation grades! @_@; Which sucks for me, because I don't like answering questions or sharing some dorky personal experience. I much rather just sit back, listen and take notes. But oh well, I must get out of my skin some day I guess? >_O

On a more exciting note, Tim & Eric Awesome Tour is tonight!!! My mom and I are heading out to NYC right after she gets out of work. I am so excited. I love these guys. And if you haven't heard of them, you are missing out on the meaning of life.  Such as this life lesson!

Promotion. Shameless, shameless promotion. (shameless)

Omg it's seriously felt like forever since I worked on a fanlisting! @__@; I cry at night because I have no time to do anything but work.. And my poor fanlistings have gotten hit the most. ::huff:: I got approved for the JRock fanlisting at the end of November, and since the beginning of December it's had a sad temp layout. But I finally got the time to work on it and even complete it today! yayaya! I wanted to promote the fanlisting here and ask that my dear friends join and support the FL, since it's full of JRock love and goodness. I also made sure to spread the JrockRevolution love as well. ;D Ahahahaha.

School starts this week!! I got my shiney new school laptop too. It's a Dell Inspiron 1210 -- Tiny tiny! It's like 12 inches wide and less than 4 freakin pounds!! I am so excited for classes to start though -- Do I sound like a nerd or what?? I'll have five classes on both Tuesdays and Fridays: Marketing, Principles of Management, Microeconomics, College Writing & Research, and Race, Ethnicity & Culture. 8D Nerd!

So I'll still be working my full time job (now part time? 24 hours a week~) -- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. My fate with Starbucks is yet to be determined.. I wanna quit so bad. I didn't go in on Saturday. /)_(\ I'm gonna get beaten. Oh well.


So life remains crazy as always..  Working about 60 hours a week now.. But 2 out of 3 of my credit cards have been paid off! So now I just have to worry about our last chunky card..   Sadly though, the reason they got paid off is because of my bonus check from my full time job. xD; But at least my Starbucks pay is slowly but surely taking care of the chunky one...

School begins January 22! So I honestly have no idea how I am going to juggle two jobs plus school.. But I know that it'll get done! We'll see.. Starbucks isn't a matter of life and death.. And frankly, the economy is so yucky right now I don't even know how a move this summer back to Cali is going to be possible.. But I have time to figure it out..

On another note.. I lost one of my friends this past week... I learned of her death from my sister. Still definitely not ready to talk about it -- Still too shocked to even really let it soak in.

::Sighs:: As is life... Christmas is in a few days though...


Weee! So who else exercised their American right and voted today?? I did! Got up bright and early and was at the polls by 6:30 with my mom and Jeremy! It was very exciting!! But not as epic as I would've wanted it.. I really wanted those levers! But I should've known better -- I felt like I was in school filling in this little bubbles. >_o

On another odd note, I started my first shift at Starbucks today! I am taking up this part time job to hopefully get rid of this horrid credit card debt before my spring semester starts. (I know.. $2,800 doesn't seem like that much -- But for someone who has to worry about a car payment and rent first and foremost every month, it becomes a headache!)

Luckily this Starbucks is the one I pass on my way to and from my full time job everyday! Yaya! But it's just the fact that I have to juggle my full time job, getting Jeremy to and from work, and the eighteen billion other responsibilities I have on my plate. ::huff:: So my schedule is gonna look like this for a while:

Wake up at 6:30AM, drop Jeremy off at work and get to work by 8:30AM. Get off at 5PM. Pick up Jeremy, drop Jeremy off at home (and get changed), get to Starbucks by 6PM, get off at 10:45, go home, shower, computer (?), coma.

I know I'm crazy. >_< But it's just until school starts.. Just until school starts... ::Keeps repeating to herself::

I have issues...

Ohhh lordy. To say that I am juggling a whole lot right now is a bit of an understatement... Needless to say -- My poor LJ has been feeling the effects! Now I am not the type of person who will neglect things.. But frankly it pisses me off when people who once had me on their friends list "de-friend" me just because I don't seem to update every 2.3 seconds. Sorry, but I honestly have much more to worry about then adhering to your "friend guidelines".

::huff:: Anyway. I am in loooove. There's a new show on Adult Swim called Superjail! and omfg, it's seriously the best thing in the world. The gorgeous art, the insane amount of violence, and then the characters! I think I might be developing a crush on the Warden character too. Omgg. ::Clings to TV:: But this is when I can tell that something is wrong with me. I never think a guy is "cute" or "hot" but then I end up developing a freakin crush on a CARTOON CHARACTER? (If it helps btw, my first crush -ever- was Arnold from Hey Arnold) I need help. xD

Fanlisting world wise.. I am totally freaking out. JRock as a genre was open for applications about two weeks and I applied for it... This is one of my biggest wishlister fanlistings and I cringe every time I look into my inbox... >_< ::Biiiig deep breathes::

Okkei.. Back into my wave of chaos. >Sails away!!