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Do it to it.
Some updates to my LJ: Made a lot of posts friends only and also a new live journal layout! Definitely using one that is already coded as I have no time to be creative anymore. Speaking of which - I miss my fanlistings so much but I feel that soon many will be either closed or adopted out. We shall see.

I successfully completed an entire week at Johnson and Wales! And I absolutely love it. My professors are so organized, very strict with the course outline and very serious about the curriculum. Class sizes are a bit larger than Mitchell but I actually enjoy it - Because that means more input from the students and more opportunities for class discussions!

The only thing that is incredibly daunting and exhausting (and one that is finding my weakness in anxiety) is the traffic. I'm driving from my job (in Niantic, CT) to Providence, RI. Roughly an hour and 5 minute drive. As soon as you hit the highway around Providence, congestion. As soon as I get off the exit and into downtown, traffic. More traffic awaits trying to find a parking spot. And what's better is that all of the professors expect you to be on time!  I can only leave so early (especially when  I have to pick up/drop off Jeremy from work.) So I will definitely be emailing them to make them aware of my situation.

So on top of working full time, I have a full time class schedule:
Monday: Organizational Behavior
Tuesday: Accounting
Thursday: Business Law
Saturday: Japanese *

* Not through J&W - Through Rosetta Stone! I am treating that as its own course and doing 1-2 lessons. I hope to do it twice a week but will need to find time to do it. As I am also keeping to a strict running schedule and helping out at the cat shelter.

More excitement: Jeremy's brother left last Saturday!  We finally have our apartment back!! My relaxation and the sanctuary feeling has returned when I'm in our apartment. Oh it's just wonderful. Happy happy!

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I like the new layout, it's very eye-pleasing. Good job. I like the title too...

Sounds like things are beginning to shape up for you, which is good.

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